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The mission of the Innovators' Network to Enable Human Rights (INHR) is to coordinate the collective capabilities of ICT industry leaders, human rights organizations, policy-makers, academia, and social innovators, to accelerate and scale up the development and application of technology that enables human rights. INHR is an initiative of the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI).

If you are part of an organisation invested in the wider application of technology for human rights, the INHR is looking for your contribution. Contact us!

Reasons why

Add digital solutions to the INHR database

The INHR has over 100 solutions aimed at improving the work of human rights defenders and seeking justice for victims of abuses, while bringing together different stakeholders that make this a reality. Contact us to add any new solutions to the database!

Learn how to use enabling technology for human rights

This platform puts together resources on how to use enabling technology for human rights; digital trust and reponsibility; digital and media literacy and the societal applications of technology.

Contribute to the debate and development of enabling technology

Get access to INHR workshops, events and webinars aimed at debating and developing solutions to pressing human rights issues.

Help connect the worlds of human rights and ICT industry

Only through collaboration and dialogue between different industries and sectors can we connect innovative technologies for the social good.