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The Engine Room’s scoping study on available technology tools for human rights documentation

Aug 1, 2019

This comprehensive 34-page report covers a wide range of opportunities, challenges and expectations of using technology tools for human rights documentation. With the support of the Oak Foundation, the Engine Room researched how human rights defenders are navigating this fast-paced environment, and how the use of technology tools is affecting their work. There is a focus on tool functionality in data collection, data management, analysis, communication, archiving. While this report was published in 2016, it will help innovators understand some of the challenges the adoption of digital solutions for human rights as well as access to toolkits presented in the report.

Keywords: How to use Enabling Technology for Human Rights, Data Collection, Data Management, Data Analysis, Communication, Archiving, Technology Tools, Human Rights Documentation, Engine Room

  • How to use Enabling Technology for Human Rights

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