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Arcadia is “A suite of software tools and services that enable NGOs to provide cash transfer services to refugees.” “Arcadia empowers NGOs to offer “identityless”, peer-to-peer cash transfer and other financial services to refugees. Our impact goals are threefold:

  • Increase operational efficiency and revenue for NGOs
  • Enable refugees and donors to connect with each other on a peer-to-peer level
  • Enable refugees to have free agency to start businesses, transfer and receive cash, and administer their money as they see fit.” 

Arcadia is a software platform that enables NGOs and other aid organizations to offer P2P-based exchanges and marketplaces. These marketplaces are accessed via an identity-less wallet issued only to users that are verified and “known” to the NGO. They are linked to external networks of donors and 3rd party service providers via smart contracts. The platform is configurable and modular, supporting services as varied as crypto-to-fiat exchanges, P2P loans, donation tracking and subscriptions, and micro-insurance. 

With the aid of NGOs, our platform provides a means for refugees to actively and productively participate in the local economy, paving the way for a more inclusive and welcoming integration into their host societies.”

Keywords: Enabling Access to Resources Essential for Development, Refugees, Blockchain for human rights, Blockchain for Social Impact, Arcadia, Digital Identification technology for human rights,