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Arc-net connects every step of your product's journey to deliver supply chain transparency and product security. The arc-net toolset provides an easy to use scalable platform, powering the strategic insights that unlock profit. Customer scans arc-net QR code on the food package with mobile phone to receive food safety information on product. Food producers provide customised information on the provenance of the product. arc-net’s own identification code contains a cryptographic marker for every single product or item. This code utilises digital DNA to enable items to be tracked across the entire supply chain through the use of blockchain technology. arc-net's platform becomes a host for data throughout the product lifecycle. Organisations can access and utilise this data to deliver enhanced product and consumer analytics.

Keywords: Traceability of responsibly sourced goods, Supporting Labor Rights and Responsible Supply Chain Practices, Digital and high-speed communication networks for human rights, Data collection and management for human rights, blockchain for human rights, Data analysis and visualization for human rights, Food traceability, food industry, Digital DNA for human rights, arc-net