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Every B# ID is unique and references only one specific entity. B#IDs are universal. They can identify all the people, organisations, places or things in complex systems. B# IDs are always registered, indexed and searchable free of charge. It costs nothing to create, assign or receive a B# ID. Each B# ID is a primary key for the same entity across any data system. B# IDs enable free data exchange between users based on their own permissions. 

Clear property rights help reduce poverty. People need assets to generate income. The poorest people in rural areas typically do not have rights to the land they depend on. 90 percent of rural land in Africa is undocumented and a third of farmers in India have no claim to their farms. They risk losing their livelihoods and have no way to use land as collateral to raise finance or investment. 

Bluenumbers let people agree what is individual and communal property.

Keywords: Protecting Land rights and Identity, Enabling Access to Resources Essential for Development, Data collection and management for human rights, Data security for human rights, Bluenumber Digital ID, B# ID, Digital Identification technology for human rights