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Every B# ID is unique and references only one specific entity. B#IDs are universal. They can identify all the people, organisations, places or things in complex systems. B# IDs are always registered, indexed and searchable free of charge. It costs nothing to create, assign or receive a B# ID. Each B# ID is a primary key for the same entity across any data system. B# IDs enable free data exchange between users based on their own permissions. 

South East Asian transboundary haze is a fire-related large-scale air pollution problem that occurs regularly and has been recorded since 1972. This issue has severe environmental and economic repercussions. In 2015, CIFOR reported that haze has cost the region US$14 billion in damages related to agricultural production, forest degradation, health, transportation and tourism. Haze is mostly caused by slash-and-burn agricultural practices. 

Bluenumbers showed the location of farmers relative to hotspots. We witness what happens at the ground level of supply chains, in real time. We assist government organizations and companies to improve farmers’ practice in palm oil industries.

Keywords: Enabling Access to Resources Essential for Development, Data collection and management for human rights, Data security for human rights, Bluenumber Digital ID, B# ID, Digital Identification technology for human rights