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Cisco CapBot

At Cisco, we believe AI can be a powerful tool in the supply chain’s efforts to drive social and environmental responsibility (SER) improvements within our manufacturing operations. For example, using AI and next generation collaboration tools, like Cisco’s Webex Teams, our Supply Chain Operations team is developing technology to identify and address potential SER [social and environmental responsibility] issues and provide actionable intelligence to drive the necessary corrective actions. This digital platform will ultimately translate across language, cultural and physical barriers and link auditors, Cisco, and our suppliers so that we may more effectively address corrective action plans (CAPs) for SER audits.

Through our “CapBot” technology, our goal is to identify risks and vulnerabilities within factory lines. As the AI technology learns and adapts, it can inform decisions that drive real-time continuous improvements. The CapBot simplifies and automates routine tasks such as manual data collection, and it also ensures that supplier responsibility extends beyond compliance. The increasing adoption of AI to automate many transactions in the audit process will enable brands like Cisco to focus on continuous improvement activities that can be machine aided over time. For example, surveys and trainings connected to audit findings can be sent over the platform with real-time click tracking mechanisms to ensure completion and test understanding.

As our CapBot program expands, we expect to be able to develop metrics that will more accurately gauge the performance of our suppliers, which will help us to better assess risk and deploy appropriate resources.

Keywords: Supporting Labor Rights and Responsible Supply Chain Practices, Artificial intelligence for human rights, Cisco, CapBot