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Frequentz, Inc.

International Tuna Supplier, Marbelize, and Frequentz, Inc. form a Strategic Global Partnership to Ensure Supply Chain Transparency Partnership provides traceability solutions for one of the world’s largest tuna suppliers to proactively address compliance with the IUU Task Force Action Plan. Marbelize has entered an exclusive partnership with Frequentz Inc., a global leader and champion of end-to-end visibility, in a strategic move that proactively addresses the coming IUU Task Force seafood traceability action plan. One of the largest tuna suppliers in the world, Marbelize will leverage Frequentz’s robust track and trace technology to build consumer trust and combat the effects of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. This sets a seafood industry precedent, as this is the first time a third party has provided a fully integrated supply chain visibility solution from source to retailer.

Keywords: Traceability of responsibly sourced goods, Supporting Labor Rights and Responsible Supply Chain Practices, Digital and high-speed communication networks for human rights, Data collection and management for human rights, blockchain for human rights, Food traceability, food industry, seafood industry, fish industry, Marbelize, Frequentz