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Hala Systems

Hala Systems, Inc. is a social enterprise focused on developing effective, technology-driven solutions to the world’s toughest humanitarian challenges. Hala is currently focused on civilian protection, accountability, and the prevention of violent extremism before, during, and after conflict. Ultimately, Hala aims to transform the nature of civilian defense during warfare, as well as to reduce casualties and trauma during post-conflict recovery, natural disasters, and other major crises.” “Sentry is Hala’s indication and warning system that utilizes a multi-sensor network to generate a credible, real-time, situational awareness of threats in the toughest places on earth. Sentry uses artificial intelligence (AI) to instantaneously validate information from multiple sources, allowing stakeholders to detect, identify, and predict threats. Sentry acts as a low-cost, exportable, and locally administrable knowledge platform designed to gather critical data from areas where it is scarce: war zones, disaster areas, and wilderness, providing an independent and immutable record of events.

Keywords: Preventing Injustice and Corruption, Protecting Safety and Security, Hala Systems, Sentry, Tracking & Prediction for human rights, Natural Language Processing for human rights, Internet of things for human rights, Machine learning for human rights, Artificial intelligence for human rights, PeaceTech Accelerator, PeaceTech Labs