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Issara Institute

Issara's Inclusive Labour Monitoring (ILM) system works across the entire supply chain, from vessels and smallholders to processors and exporters, as well as labour recruitment agencies in source and destination countries.  Through business partnership, data and analytics, and empowered worker voice and worker voice technology, the collaborative approach of the Strategic Partners program is yielding groundbreaking results. We currently operate in the seafood, petcare, agriculture, poultry, garments, footwear, and electronics industries. 

The role of global buyers in eliminating human trafficking from supply chains is critical, and Issara invites global brands, retailers, and importers to join forces with other pioneering companies to make a real, measurable difference in the lives of the workers throughout your supply chains. Issara is, at heart, an anti-trafficking non-profit organization with a passion for data, innovation, and impact.  As such, Issara - in addition to conducting supply chain improvement work with business partners - undertakes other programming, research, and technology product development with support from donors and foundations that complements and enhances our private sector engagement and ability to drive innovation and positively impact broader industry reform.” 

“Leading Global brands, retailers, and importers…provider their supply chain data….Workers are then engaged through multiple channels…via Issara’s multilingual 24-7 in house helpline, smartphone app, and social media (i.e., FB, Line, and Viber)….Issara follows up to validate the information….Anonymized findings are first shared with the supplier….For serious issues, Issara strategic partners are then alerted….Solutions are implemented.”

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