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LaborLink leverages the rapid spread of mobile phones to establish an anonymous two-way communication channel for workers to report on true conditions with no fear of retaliation, and for companies to receive real-time data directly from workers 365 days a year. LaborLink provides the tools to conduct surveys and present data in easy to understand formats that support business decision making.” LaborLink currently accesses 1,055,270 workers, across 16 countries, with 3,236,002 data points collected. Such technologies expand and scale-up the use of grievance mechanisms – a core process encouraged by human rights advocates. ICT permits monitoring and reporting through surveys administered via SMS, or tip/reporting lines that use VOIP (voice over internet protocol) where workers may not have access to a phone line or other methods of reporting abuse.

Keywords: Supporting Labor Rights and Responsible Supply Chain Practices, Digital and high-speed communication networks for human rights, Digital Solutions to Empower the Voice of Workers, LaborLink, Elevate