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Popchain is “A decentralized open census protocol that was created to put the voices of under-represented and under-counted communities at the center.”

It uses blockchain to enable underserved and at-risk populations to feel safe and secure in participating in the US Census, which is a vital tool to ensure groups receive access to public resources. Popchain uses third party digital identity providers to allow users to login to its secure platform.

The progressive web app can run on all types of operating systems. In addition, an SMS based app will make it easy to fill out the Census. Popchain allows users to add and answer new questions not yet being asked. Every entry is encrypted and anonymously stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. Popchain publicly displays the aggregate results. 

Keywords: Strengthening the Rights of Citizenship, Blockchain for human rights, Apps for human rights, Digital Identification technology for human rights, Data security for human rights, Popchain, Blockchain for Social Impact, Open Census Protocol, US Census