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The organization Provenance is building a traceability system and open traceability protocol that anyone can use to track whether or not any good, “from coffee beans to a roll of fabric,” has been sourced ethically. Provenance is using blockchain technology to trace yellowfin and skipjack tuna fish in Indonesia from catch to consumer. “Mobile, blockchain technology and smart tagging were used to track fish caught by fishermen with verified social sustainability claims. The goal was to aid robust proof of compliance to standards at origin and along the chain.

The pilot was successful in tracking responsibly-caught fish and key social claims down the chain to export.” The Provenance application works through a simple smartphone interface and links identity, location, material attributes, certifications and audit information with a specific item or batch ID. The data is stored in an immutable, decentralized, globally-auditable format which protects identities by default, allowing for secure data verification.

Keywords: Traceability of responsibly sourced goods, Data collection and management for human rights, blockchain for human rights, Data analysis and visualization for human rights, Apps for human rights, Food traceability, food industry, seafood industry, fish industry, Provenance