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Ripe.io is altering the trajectory of the food system through blockchain technology and the Internet of Things. By designing a radically transparent digital food supply chain, ripe.io harnesses quality food data to create the Blockchain of Food – an unprecedented food quality network that maps the food journey to answer what’s in our food, where it comes from, and what has happened to it. By uniquely leveraging blockchain technology, we create a digital bridge that engenders transparency, trust, and honesty for food producers, distributors, and consumers. We want to transform the food system narrative by working with every actor along the food supply chain to create a world in which access to data equals integrity, sustainability, security, and better food for all.

Keywords: Traceability of responsibly sourced goods, Supporting Labor Rights and Responsible Supply Chain Practices, Digital and high-speed communication networks for human rights, Data collection and management for human rights, blockchain for human rights, Internet of Things for human rights, Food traceability, food industry, Ripe.io