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RiskIQ Passive Total

Citizen Lab’s core mission is investigating the prevalence and impact of digital espionage operations against civil society groups. Furthermore, they provide communities with information that they can use to raise awareness and improve their defences.

RiskIQ PassiveTotal helps the Citizen Lab by mapping the infrastructure of their attackers and monitors how it may evolve over time. When examining a new sample of malware or phishing, it quickly looks for related infrastructure inside PassiveTotal’s web interface and Maltego Transforms, which can provide unmatched insight into the behaviour of the threat actors they’re tracking. When sensing a shift in tactics, for example targeted malware campaigns to conventional phishing, the intelligence gathered will help Citizen Lab to recommend defensive measures such as using two-factor authentication.

Keywords: Protecting Privacy and Freedom of Expression, Risk Analysis, Data Visualization, Malware, Phishing attacks, Citizen Lab, RiskIQ Passive Total, Digital Espionage, Surveillance, Threat Actors.