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Global Initiative’s Report on “Accelerating the use of tech to combat human trafficking

Aug 1, 2019

This report delves into the growing need for the development and support of technologies working to protect potential victims of human trafficking. A coalition of technology companies working to combat human trafficking, announced the new Accelerator Program at the OSCE’s 19th Alliance against Trafficking in Persons Conference in Vienna. The Accelerator Program will work with organizations to deploy a range of technologies to help victims, law enforcement, business, and civil society better understand and combat trafficking with the expertise of the world’s largest and most powerful tech firms, including Amazon, AT&T, BT, Microsoft, Nokia, Salesforce.org, and Vodafone.

Keywords: How to Use Enabling Technology for Human Rights; Tech Against Trafficking; Human Trafficking; Accelerator; Coalition Technology Companies;

  • How to use Enabling Technology for Human Rights

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